Some exotic?
A series of juice packaging of the "Mix exotic" brand is a mixture of exotic fruit in a bottle. This juice is a powerful source of vitamins, antioxidants and other useful substances for organism. Mixed juices made from tropical fruit is something new and extraordinary on drinks market. It is is a regular find for all gourmets and lovers of original products, or just for active and creative people. 
The aim: To create a series of packages for TM "Mix Exotic". The design of the juice line should include such key concepts as: lightness, brightness, singularity, playfulness and modernity. Also, it should be a matter of positive and joyful emotions and remind of the warm season. 
Solution: The packaging containing a spectacular, realistic pattern reminiscent of fruit texture in bright and juicy colors was developed, and the fresh typography that emphasized the modernity and playfulness of the Mix Exotic brand was added.

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