"Lapufic" is a brand of soft beanbag chairs that have been creating comfortable and beautiful chairs for 5 years. The brand is distinguished by its special friendliness for its consumers, constantly updating and adding interesting products to unceasingly surprise its customers. When owners felt that business needed some changes, they decided to replace the outdated identity with a new, up-to-date and functional one. 
The aim: To create a new, modern and emotional visual style for this brand, emphasize its high quality, openness, friendliness and attention to detail, and also to add elements of childhood, because a large number of products designed for the children's audience.
 Solution: It was decided to create a story with the character of the brand who would contact the consumer, so a positive and fluffy hamster that would visually resemble a seat-bag was created. Also, a font logo that contains a schematic representation of the chair in the letter "L", which received a coherent and orderly form, was developed. A corporate font for slogan and other corporate typography, which complemented this friendly brand identity, was also developed.

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