"Kvitkovyy dvoryk" (Flower yard) is a garden center, which is based on the family business - the growing of plants, which has been occupied by owners for several years. Each plant is grown with soul and love, and the creation of this business is a desire to share with your enthusiasm and life-affairs with other people. In addition to product enrichment, it is also possible to get professional advice on the landscaping of a courtyard or garden.
The aim: To create a unique brand-identity so that it becomes as recognizable as possible and stand out among competitors, which would associate with naturalness, home atmosphere, friendliness and sincereness and reveal the specialty of the brand, focusing on such concepts as: garden and plant.
Solution: To emphasize brand friendliness and sincereness, the name and elements in the identity were selected in the same spirit. The main sign in the logo is the letter "K" which, in combination with the plant elements, creates recognition. The color scheme in green tones highlights the specialization of the brand and creates the right association. A floral pattern creates the necessary mood and aesthetic look.

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