Music Festival in Lviv is held yearly on 21th of June on World Music Day and is quite popular among citizens and tourists. The idea of the celebration is a free spread of music and self-expression of musicians in the urban’s space. It is a real find for music lovers as well as for professional musicians and amateurs. Celebration hardens and unites people for joint celebration and also popularizes Ukrainian contemporary music.
The aim: To create a modern, comprehensive and recognizable corporate style, to diversity the graphic content and to emphasize the spirit and the atmosphere of this musical festival. It was necessary to add something new and creative to this event in order to attract the attention of the citizens, tourists and participants of this event for a number of people to take part in the celebration. As a result, the "Music Festival in Lviv" had to get a unique and recognizable style for creation of a holistic way of this event.
Solution: An identity that provided the atmosphere and the spirit of the event was created. The logo and the slogan were developed in lettering technique, they contained light and airy lines, and the corporate pattern contained elements of the city's architecture, as the festival takes place precisely in urban space, as well as elements of musical instruments and color sections that formed a peculiar designer-pattern.

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